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Bioinformatics Summer Institute


program mission

The mission of the Bioinformatics Summer Institute at the University of Minnesota has been provide the highest possible quality undergraduate level education and research experiences in bioinformatics and computational biology, equipping the new generation of this burgeoning professional community with the tools for a successful career in bioinformatics.

program educational objectives

To provide educational experiences which challenge students to:

  • grasp the fundamental principles underlying the two major elements of bioinformatics: biological sciences and information technology.
  • apply and integrate knowledge of the elements of information technology to identify, formulate, and solve biological complexity problems.
  • conduct computational experiments, including: design of experiment, execution and recording, analysis, interpretation and professional reporting of results.
  • consider and prepare for a career in bioinformatics and related fields.

program outcomes

Program participants who have:

  • an ability to develop and apply information technology solutions to investigate biological systems.
  • a beginning ability to design, encode, analyze, and report on computational projects in bioinformatics.
  • beginning understanding of the impact of bioinformatics solutions on society, including economic, ethical and environmental impacts.
  • an appreciation of the importance of learning more in these areas throughout their career.
  • an introductory understanding to contemporary issues in bioinformatics.
  • a keen interest in pursuing further studies and a career in bioinformatics.